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Brighteyes' Den of Iniquity and Justice for All
A fanish havens with utopian pretentions
5th-Jul-2015 03:11 pm - Happy Fourth of July Weekend!
Avengers: Team players
I have been pinch-hitting my little tushy off this month: a Remix pinch hit, a Remix Madness entry, and three (3!) pinch hits for the Steve/Bucky D/s exchange. There's a couple things I'm really proud of.

All are still anon right now, so bonus points if you can detect my filthy fingerprints on any of these works. There is some awesome stuff at all three challenges, so go forth and enjoy!

Remix Redux 12: The Dirty Dozen
Remix Madness
Summer Lovin': Steve/Bucky D/s Exchange
Kensei: half decent storyline
I never got around to doing my usual end-of-year compilation, so in honor of July, here are my 2014 writings!

Statistics and navel-gazing under the cut!Collapse )
So... uh... how's your 2015 going so far creative productivity-wise? Goals? Progress? Regrets?
30th-Jun-2015 01:13 pm - Back on the writing horse!
Firefly: Kaylee
After almost six months of not writing anything fandom-related, in the past two weeks I've a) found old fic in my writing notebook to transcribe, b) picked up two challenge pinch hits, c) contributed a story to Remix Madness, and d) signed up for Crossovering.

It feels really good to be back in the saddle and motivated again. And if I'm procrastinating with my real-life responsibilities in favor of fic, well, let's just call that some overdue self care. I missed you, fandom! And when my exchange stories are no longer anon, I will post them here.

Oh, also, for those of you who Tumbl, I am dipping my toe into the Tumblr waters.
25th-Jun-2015 12:13 pm - Sherlock Fic: An Unmarked Door
Sherlock: The heart will burn
Apparently I wrote this (and a couple other things) in a notebook this winter and forgot about them?! So, from the archive:

Title:An Unmarked Door
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Rating: NC-17
Content advisory: Alpha/Omega AU, mildly dubious consent due to heat
Author’s Notes: Thank you to jaune_chat for beta-ing! Title from this beautiful poem by Maureen McLane.
Summary: When Mycroft is finally found after a kidnapping, Lestrade is the only one who can help him.

In front of a metal door at the end of a corridor, Anthea stood guard. She waved the minion back, and stepped up to speak to Lestrade. “He wouldn’t let anyone touch him.”Collapse )
2nd-Feb-2015 10:34 pm - Blast from the past
Heroes: braintrust assemble
So hey, everyone I know from a fandom many years in hiding. Did you notice... thiiiiis:

Apparently they're starting with mostly new characters. Waddaya think? Exciting? Terrifying? What would you want to see in a new Heroes series? Or would you not?
19th-Oct-2014 10:38 am - Dear Yuletide Writer
Misc: Darcy is excited
Well, this is my first time officially doing Yuletide, so I am excite! Thank you for sharing in my love for at least one of these fandoms!

I'm going to try to keep this brief (ha), starting with generals, and moving to specifics. My goal is to throw out a bunch of ideas in hopes that something will catch your fancy. First, let me say I'm way on board with "optional details are optional." I'm usually much happier reading something someone is really passionate about writing than something the writer doesn't really dig.

Rambling ahoy!Collapse )
12th-Oct-2014 08:41 pm - It's time again for Five Acts!
Misc: Flash Fwd watching porn
One of my favorite games! I haven't played in two years, and I'm so excited to write/read some bite-sized, customized pr0nz. Friends, if you haven't tried this before, I highly encourage it. Your "five acts" don't have to be particularly kinky, either. You could request tropes you enjoy, particular AUs, etc. It's low-stress, low-commitment, guilt-free fun!

Dudes. Dudes. Lady-dudes. It's time again for that most delightfully porn-filled of weeks, Five Acts, hosted by heeroluva. The deal is this:

1. You post on your journal with a list of five acts (kinks, tropes, things) you really love, and a list of the fandoms/pairings you like. Leave a comment at the sign-up post with a link to your list.
2. Browse the Master List to see others' acts. Write something and post it in a comment on their journal. Other people might write something for you, too!
3. Profit.

There are also pretty banners (some of which I made: to pimp the challenge on your own journal or elsewhere.

Let the games begin!Collapse )
Sherlock: J&S at home
The Word That You Hear is not Mine, Epilogue (Sherlock BBC; Sherlock/John and Mycroft/Lestrade)
Part One is here (mind the warnings).
Or check out the master post for the In My Master's House series.

John, a slave doesn’t have a love life. He has a duty. And I’ve done that. Haven’t I?Collapse )
Sherlock: Lestrade doesn't smoke
The Word That You Hear is not Mine, Part 5 (Sherlock BBC; Sherlock/John and Mycroft/Lestrade)
Part One is here (mind the warnings).
Or check out the master post for the In My Master's House series.

John, a slave doesn’t have a love life. He has a duty. And I’ve done that. Haven’t I?Collapse )
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