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Brighteyes' Den of Iniquity and Justice for All
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Crossovering Dear Author Post!  
27th-Jul-2017 11:33 pm
Kensei: half decent storyline
The Crossovering challenge is afoot!

Dear Writer,

I am very excited for this challenge, as I love crossovers and fusions with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. Thank you in advance for doing this!

First of all, I recognize that all this is optional, so please don't take any of the following as demands, more like a continental breakfast of possible ideas. I usually have more fun reading something the writer is really passionate about, rather than something shoe-horned in to a stringent set of requirements, so feel free to disregard anything here that doesn’t float your boat.

#1: Captain America/Firefly (crossover or fusion)
#2: Sherlock/Valdemar (crossover or fusion)
#3: Marvel/Star Trek (fusion art or fic)
#4: Black Jewels/Marvel (crossover or fusion)
#5: Heroes/Supernatural (crossover)
#6: Supernatural/Teen Wolf (crossover or fusion)
#7: Heroes/Valdemar (fusion)

General likes: I like M/M slash or gen. I like a lot of different pairings. In terms of genres, I really like angst, hurt/comfort, action-adventure, mystery, and mind-fuckery. I enjoy reading about most kinks, and am fine with dark stuff (non/dub-con, violence, etc.). Any rating is ok.

General dislikes: Genre-wise, I am not a fan of crack, fluff, or kidfic. I would prefer not to receive fic that includes scat and watersports, blood play, mpreg, or misogyny. I would prefer to avoid explicit het. Crossover-specific dislikes include "meta" crossover (where characters in Fandom A have seen the movie the Fandom B character come from) or same-actor-different-character-meet-each other.

Generic Prompts: Could be used for any fandom combo!
1. swallowing pride to ask for help
2. trapped/captured together
3. thrill-seeking or self-destructive behavior
4. mistaken for enemies/mistaken identity
5. someone's past coming back to haunt him/her

Favorites Characters/Pairings: Within my eligible fandoms, here are characters and combos I particularly love:
Black Jewels: Daemon, Jaenelle, Lucivar, Saetan, Tersa
Firefly: Mal, River, Mal/Simon
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Steve/Bucky, Steve/Sam, Sam/Bucky, Sam/Bucky/Steve, Tony/Steve, Tony/Steve/Bruce, Tony&Bruce, Steve/21st Century
Sherlock: Everyone. Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft/Sherlock, any combo of those. Moriarty/Sherlock.
Star Trek AOS: Kirk. Chekov. Kirk/McCoy, Sulu/Chekov, McCoy/Chekov, Kirk/Spock, basically any combo of those.
Supernatural: Dean. Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel
Teen Wolf: Isaac, Stiles, Derek. Derek/Stiles, Isaac/Scott.
Valdemar: any canon pairing

Characters and pairings I would prefer not to focus on: These are not my fave characters. It doesn't mean I hate them! They'd be fine as part of an ensemble, and pairings would be fine in the background, I'd just prefer the fic not to revolve around them.
Black Jewels: Surreal
Firefly: Book, Jayne/River
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor, Clint/Coulson, Thor/Loki
Sherlock: Irene, Molly/Sherlock
Star Trek AOS: Scotty, Scotty/Chekov
Supernatural: Kevin, Bobby
Teen Wolf: Alison, Peter, Peter/Lydia

Crossover Character/Pairing Prompts: Ideas for characters I'd love to see interact, either gen or romantically, as indicated. Not an exhaustive list (amazingly), just some suggestions (organized alphabetically by fandom)

Details for each request
#1: Captain America/Firefly (crossover or fusion)
I'd love to see the MCU characters incorporated into the Firefly world somehow. That could be just reimagining the MCU team in the Firefly universe, or it could mean the characters crossing paths. Although I put Captain America movies as the fandom here, I'm open to characters from the greater MCU, though my favorites tend to be the Cap team.

Character combinations that might be fun:
Mal/Steve (gen or romantic)
Kaylee and Tony (gen)
Jayne and The Winter Soldier (gen)
Zoe and Natasha (gen)
Simon/Bruce Banner (gen or romantic)

Prompt ideas: Maybe Steve and Bucky meet up with Mal and Zoe during the war (are they on the same side?). Or the crew of Steve's ship meets up with the crew of Serenity sometime (maybe Steve doesn't think much of Browncoats, or maybe he respects the hell out of them). Or maybe Tony's a registered companion who is perfectly capable of taking care of his own ship, thank you very much.

#2: Sherlock/Valdemar (crossover or fusion)
For this one, I'm more interested in seeing Sherlock characters incorporated into the world of Valdemar than the other way around. I love how John has more traditional "hero" traits, while Sherlock is more likely to be the kind of Valdemar character with exceptional abilities. I'd be perfectly happy with a fusion fic without canon Valdemar characters, just reimagining Sherlock characters in that setting, but if your interests run to including interactions with those characters, go for it!

Character combinations that might be fun:
Vanyel and Sherlock (gen)
John and Talia (gen) (are they both empaths?)
Mycroft and Savil (gen)
John and Kerowyn (gen or romantic)

Prompt ideas: I would love to see Sherlock and John incorporated into Valdemar. Perhaps Sherlock is the temperamental Herald Mage who hasn't been able to hold down a partner, and John was Chosen later in life, after an injury ended his career in the Guards or as a mercenary? Or Sherlock is a haughty violin-playing Bard who keeps getting his long-suffering Guard or Herald escort into ridiculous scrapes? I'm partial to Vanyel-era Valdemar, but Arrows-era is cool, too.

#3: Marvel/Star Trek (fusion art or fic)
I marked fusion in this one because I'd rather have everyone integrated into the Trek universe, and I'm fine if that means not incorporating the Trek characters (though feel free to do so, if you like)

Character combinations that might be fun:
Steve and Kirk (gen or romantic-- perhaps this universe has some version of pre-serum Steve trying to earn a place on the Academy command track?)
Sam and Sulu (gen or romantic)
Scotty and Tony Stark (gen)
McCoy and Bucky (gen)

Prompt ideas:
I'm really interested in seeing the Marvel characters as a Starfleet crew. I wouldn't mind cameo appearances by canon Star Trek characters, but really I'd love to see how the MCU folks would fare on a star ship. Perhaps they're fighting to keep a powerful energy weapon out of the hands of a destructive enemy of the Federation? Perhaps they're discovering a conspiracy within the ranks of Starfleet? Perhaps they're all at the Academy as precocious youths?

#4: Black Jewels/Marvel (crossover or fusion)
I love the peculiar power dynamics of the Black Jewels universe, and would love to see how the MCU characters would work there. I'm totally fine with non-con in this context the way it's used in Black Jewels canon-- if it's set pre-Witchstorm and there are evil Queens enslaving powerful men.

Character combinations that might be fun:
Lucivar and Bucky
Daemon and Steve
Sam and a Kindred bird named Redwing?

Prompt ideas:
Marvel characters as a court! Perhaps a story of what some of them were doing during the war? Or a story of how Daemon or Luciver ran into one of the Avengers during their travels (Lucivar seeing a traumatized Bucky in a mountain training camp somewhere, or Daemon running across Steve and Sam doing their best to fuck up courts they're assigned to while they're slaves)? Or a day in the life of a Queen's court made up of Marvel characters? Or Steve waking up after being unfrozen somehow (maybe he's demon-dead?) and going to Hell to look for Bucky, only to find he's not dead! I'm more interested in having the MCU characters integrated as part of the Black Jewels universe rather than dropping the canon Avengers into the Black Jewels world.

#5: Heroes/Supernatural (crossover)
These are two fandoms I feel like could already pretty much exist in the same world, so I'm thinking any chance encounter could bring them together without too much magical physics needed!

Character combinations that might be fun:
Dean/Peter (gen or romantic)
Dean/Nathan (gen or romantic)
Sam and Sylar (gen or romantic)
Castiel and Mohinder (gen)

Prompt ideas:
Maybe one of the specials is mistaken for a monster by the Winchesters. Maybe either the Winchesters or some of the heroes need help with a situation, and heard there's someone they can call...

#6: Supernatural/Teen Wolf (crossover or fusion)
Again, I think these universes are simple enough that it's not much of a leap for these characters to run into each other! (Note: for Teen Wolf, I haven't seen past season three, so I'm not really up on current characters/plot points!)

Character combinations that might be fun:

Dean and Stiles (gen)
Scott and Sam (gen)
Derek and Castiel (gen)
Dean/Derek (gen or romantic)
Stiles and Castiel (gen)
John Winchester and Chris Argent (gen)

Prompt ideas:
Werewolves are usually on the "shoot on sight" list, right? Maybe Sam and Dean are working a case in Beacon with Scott or Derek before they realize what they are. Or maybe one of the Winchesters (John? Dean?) worked a case with the Argents

#7: Heroes/Valdemar (fusion)
I chose fusion for this one because I would love to see the Heroes characters translated into the Valdemar universe, and there's so many of them, I think crossing them over with Valdemar characters might be a little too much. But if you want to include a couple Valdemar characters here and there, I'm fine with that, too.

Fave characters:
Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Sylar/Gabriel Gray, Adam Monroe, Elle Bishop

Prompt ideas:
I would love to see the Heroes re-imagined as Valdemar characters-- maybe some are Heralds, and they have Gifts that correspond to their canon powers? Perhaps someone's process of being Chosen has some echoes of season one. Perhaps some of the bad guys are evil magic users or enemies of the kingdom. I've listed some of my favorite characters above, but feel free to include anyone!

Oh my goodness, this turned out much longer than I meant it to be. Er… Sorry? If you still have questions about my likes/dislikes/interests/childhood hopes and dreams, jaune_chat would be a good person to contact.
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