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Brighteyes' Den of Iniquity and Justice for All
A fanish havens with utopian pretentions
Dear Smut Swap Author! 
24th-Feb-2016 05:34 pm
Sherlock: The heart will burn
Hello, dear writer/arter! Thank you for being my smut buddy! In general, I'm open to whatever you'd like to do with any of the kinks/pairings prompted. I always really enjoy reading something the writer is psyched about rather than something you felt you had to tailor to my interests. That said, if you'd like some more guidance, please read on! (and on.... and on....)

General likes: There's a lot of dark kinks here. I'm a sucker for non- and dub-con, so any device you use to accomplish that (aliens made the do it, Hydra Hydra Hydra, sex pollen, whatever), is fine by me. In the consenting category, I enjoy both established relationships where everyone involved is comfortable with their kink and also first times where the partners are negotiating or figuring things out as they go. I like angst and hurt/comfort as well as healthy, consensual stuff.

General no-thank-yous: Bodily fluids other than come, hatin' on lady characters, sounding. This list is pretty short.

Let's move on to specific prompts, shall we?

Prompt 1: MCU: Stucky
I love everything from post-TWS recovery to during WWII to pre-TFA "bachelors" living in Brooklyn. A few ideas for various tags:

BDSM AU: maybe something during or pre-war, with Bucky or Steve struggling with their "orientation." I'm not picky about who's domming or subbing. I do like seeing run-into-danger Captain Rogers get put in his place by a dominant Bucky. Or post CA:TWS, even, with Steve re-learning how to be with Bucky.
Slavery AU: I mean, the Winter Soldier was basically a slave, so I don't think this is too far of a leap. Maybe Bucky's family buying a young slave that was practically worthless, or a slave gladiator AU, or Captain America being literally owned by the government (he's probably loaned out to important people as a reward, right?).
BDSM: I'm more interested in D/s dynamics and bondage than sadism or masochism.
Comfort: I mean, these guys have a lot of issues, so there's so many opportunities for them to comfort each other, either thank-god-you're-alive sex or aftercare after one of them is triggered somehow, or just general "I'm sorry you've had it so rough for so long" coddling.
Consent Issues: here's where the trash past comes in. I'm down for issues of the guys' respective past muddying up issues of consent, like Bucky feeling like he's unable to say no, or one of them hiding their discomfort with something the other one wants but doing it anyway. Or the tried-and-true trope of Bucky's programming being triggered by a code word.
Gentle Dom: I could get into either of these guys being very nice to his sub, lots of praise, letting him be good, taking care of him, etc.
Held Down: I like the idea that Steve needs to be thrown around and put in his place every once in a while
Internalized Victim Blaming: this is another trash-past-comes-back-to-haunt-them scenario. One of them struggling with not thinking he's good enough for the other, not wanting the other to find out how worthless he is, etc.
Mating Cycles/In Heat: I haven't read a lot of Omegaverse Stucky, but I can imagine how messed up everything would have been from Bucky's captivity as the Winter Soldier, and Steve's being frozen, and I imagine there would be some problems and some desperation when they're finally reunited. Alternately, dealing with this during the war, or in Brooklyn before the war would be lovely.
Obedience: I like this one either way. Bucky feels the need to follow orders from Steve either as some kind of atonement or because after following orders for so long, he can't function any other way. Or Steve needs to follow orders from Bucky either because the burden of being the guy in charge is wearing on him or because he's afraid of coercing Bucky in some way.
Predicament Bondage: I don't have some grand character idea, I just think this is hot. Also, could involve being kidnapped or trapped by bad guys, because that is just some comic-book level shit.
Possessive Behavior: One of the guys feeling the need to let the world know the other one is his. Perhaps the recipient enjoys it, or perhaps it causes some tension.
Prostitution: I love the idea of one of these guys turning tricks for money before the war. Maybe hiding it from the other ("Yeah, I got in another fight.") or trying to convince the other of the necessity. Or a straight-up prostitute AU.
Something Made Them Do It: this could be Hydra orders, an accidental trigger word, whatever. Sufffffffering!

Prompt 2: MCU: Non-consensual bonanza AKA all my trash dreams
In general, this could involved Bucky at any point in his captivity, Steve during or post CA:TWS, Steve and Bucky being captured together, Steve being captured while the Winter Soldier is still under Hydra control, Brock Rumlow being a total dick while he's still working with Steve on the Strike Team, etc. I haven't written specific prompts for all the kinds, since some of them seem self-explanatory, but here are a few ideas.

Abusive Relationships: Brock Rumlow being really cruel to Steve, using terrible BDSM practices, gaslighting, etc.
Ass Play: this could involve insertions, fisting, spanking, whatever
Begging: who doesn't like to put Cap on his knees and make him beg for cock?
Non-Consensual Bestiality: something about Hydra guard dogs (or, TBH, tentacle monsters) being used to degrade a humiliate Bucky or Steve really does it for me
Captivity: the Winter Soldier experienced pretty much every aspect of this, I reckon
Collars: perhaps forcing someone to wear one for domination purposes, or training WS to see wearing one as a reward
Daddy Kink: especially Brock Rumlow coercing a reluctant Steve into this one
Forced Eye Contact: "if you close your eyes, he gets the stun baton."
Forced Masturbation: Oh, the humiliation possibilities.
Fucking Machines: gotta test that super soldier endurance!
Gun Kink: all these macho Hydra assholes are not subtle
Objectification/Dehumanization: Treating the Asset as a thing is so deliciously evil.
Sexual Slavery: Okay, I mean, I kind of headcanon this for the Asset anyway, but I'm open to more of an AU take. Or focusing on the slavery aspect of the Asset's experience, perhaps thinking sex is his only function, or that it will become his only function if he's not successful as a murderbot.

Prompt 7: MCU: Sam Wilson for all
I like remnents of past trauma coming up, but I also enjoy these guys dealing healthily with their sexual interests.

Aftercare: I like the idea that Sam or Bucky wouldn't think this was necessary, but Sam understanding the importance of it, and that sub/dom-drop is a thing.
BDSM: I'm not fussy about dynamics, though there's something about Bucky and Steve topping Sam and taking him apart after a near-death experience that could be amazing.
Desperate Arousal/Sexual Frustration: keep getting interrupted in the sexins by Avengers-related emergencies? Uggghhhh! :)
Gentle Dom: one of them discovering how gentle someone becomes when you just give them a little praise
Omega Verse: again, I'm not fussy about who's an alpha or an omega
Undercover as a Couple: Sam would be so smooth. His "boyfriend," not so much.
Voyeurism: especially in a threesome, someone watching the other two play is hotttt.
Wing Kink: Normally this is not my jam, but I just love to imagine Sam suddenly having actual wings. Or kinking on his jetpack wings. Whatevs.

Prompt 3: Sherlock: Johnlock

Aftercare: I like the idea of sub Sherlock not thinking aftercare is necessary, but enduring it anyway because John insists, and secretly ending up liking it
Alternate Universe BDSM: I can see either of these two as a dom or sub
Possessive Behavior: This is canon, right?
Undercover as a couple: sure, it's for a "case"
Prostitution: I actually fancy John-is-a-prostitute AUs, but in general I just love this trope.
Sensory deprivation: how to get Sherlock's busy brain to quiet down?

Request 5: Sherlock: Mystrade

Alternate universe BDSM: Again, doesn't matter to me who's a dom or a sub
Blindfolds: Perhaps Mycroft is insecure, and doesn't like to be watched
Class Differences Kink: Mycroft picking up a bit of rough? maybe even set pre-series? I could see buttoned-up Mycroft secretly being really turned on by bad-boy Lestrade
Possessive behavior: this is Mycroft's MO all the time
Voyeurism: I mean, CCTV, am I right?

Request 6: Sherlock: Mycroft/Sherlock
I like the full spectrum of M/S interpretations, everything from an actually loving and supportive relationship to a very manipulative situation bordering on non-con.

Dubious Consent: Either one of them manipulating the other into sex
BDSM: I generally see Mycroft as the dom here. I'm more interested in dom/sub dynamics or bondage than real sadism or masochism.
Punishment: There's lots of ways this can go. Either Sherlock thinking he needs to be punished for some mistake (real or imagined) and going to Mycroft for help, or Mycroft imposing a punishment for bad behavior on Sherlock's part (did Sherlock provoke him on purpose, or does he want no part of his brother's meddling?)
Humiliation: Mycroft putting Sherlock in his place
Gangbang: perhaps Mycroft arranges a gangbang for Sherlock, either at his request, or as a form of punishment
Omega Verse: I love the idea that when Sherlock goes into heat, the only one he can trust to take care of him is his brother

Prompt 4: Star Trek AOS
For starters, I absolutely love the mirror!verse, so feel free to take any of these prompts in that direction.

AU Dystopia: the ready-made dystopia universe is the mirror!verse, where Star Fleet is basically evil, so I am all for that, and any of the evil things that accompany it.
Auctions: someone accidentally getting auctioned off in a space auction, some kind of Academy hazing, whatever
Captivity: being held captive by aliens is always a good way to start the day
Dom/sub: i like this with it goes with rank, or against rank. Insecure sub Jim Kirk is good. Mirror!Kirk being a cruel dom is also good.
Dubious Consent: in a mirror!verse context, I love people manipulating each other into sex, or trading sex for protection, or forging alliances and sealing them with bodily fluids.
Something Made Them Do It: Aliens. It was aliens. For a ritual, as part of sealing a treaty, perhaps for science.

Phew, that was super long. Sorry about that. There were just so many damn kinks!
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