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Brighteyes' Den of Iniquity and Justice for All
A fanish havens with utopian pretentions
End of Year Fic Meme! 
30th-Dec-2015 04:45 pm
Dr. Horrible: So that's coming along
Happy New Year, friends! I am so, so ready for 2015 to be over, but to be real a second, for just a millisecond, let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second, fandom has been one of the best parts of my year Thanks for all the joy you've brought me.

I've done this meme every year on LJ, and okay, yes, I posted it on Tumblr this year too, but let's face it: LJ is still better for discussion. On to the inevitable naval-gazing!

The Fic Retrospective

Total Word Count: 85260.
(An 20% increase from last year’s total of 68,109! After three years of decline in my word output, finally an increase. Golly, I wonder why that could be *cought*finishedgradschool*cough*)

Total Number of Fandoms: 4 (MCU, Sherlock, Black Jewels Teen Wolf)
Total Fics: 12 (only 12?! for comparison, each year prior to starting grad school, I wrote 30 or more stories)

January: 0 words,0 fics, 0 fandoms
Nothing. A total failure to communicate. Off to a good start!

February: 6966 words, 1 fic, 1 fandom
How It Adds Up MCU (Steve/Bucky), 6966

March 2490 words, 1 fic, 1 fandom
Be the One You Need. MCU (Steve/Bucky), 2490

June 2574 words, 1 fic, 1 fandom
An Unmarked Door Sherlock (Mycroft/Lestrade), 2574.

July 7 fics, 2 fandoms, 33881 words
(aka “ha ha watch Jill panic over her future and find solace in fandom month!)
No Knot Unties Itself. MCU (Bucky/Steve), 6013
Rescue Dive. MCU (Bucky/Steve), 1111
Where Answers Are Kept. MCU (Bucky/Steve), 1731.
Distillation (The Hand That Feeds Remix). Teen Wolf (Derek/Stiles), 1431
Temperature Control (The Watched Pot Never Boils Remix) MCU (Sam/Steve), 620
Acceptable Loss. MCU 4F Verse (Steve/Howling Commandos, Steve/Unfriendly Army Guys). 19,476.
A Superior Man</b> MCU. (Steve Rogers/Red Skull) 3,499.

September: 36,239 words, 2 fics, 2 fandoms
We Have Come Through Black Jewels/MCU (gen). 3845
The Only Animal. MCUl/Captain America (Bucky Barnes/Hydra). 32,394

Not a word was stirring, not even Yuletide. (Note: I have written almost 20,000 words this month, but they won’t make it to AO3 until next year, so… You’re welcome, 2016 self?)

Looking back, did I write more fic than I thought I would this year, less, or about what I'd predicted?
More. Post-graduation unemployment was pretty rough there for a while, but it did give me more time to write!

What pairing/genre/fandom did I write that I would never have predicted in January?
The Hydra Trash Party. I was so happy to discover this glorious dumpster of trash babies whose interests so closely matched my own. Some of my favorite things I’ve done have been fills for the Trash meme. Also, I would never have predicted being sucked in by the 4F!Verse AU, the one where Steve Rogers never got the serum and enlists as a military prostitute. God bless @stoatsandwich for letting us play in that sandbox.

What's my own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes me happiest?
I’m gonna say Acceptable Loss, the 4F!verse one where Steve gets left behind. I’d read a lot of amazing work in the 4F!verse, so I was a little intimidated to jump in with my own plot bunnies. But scrappy, skinny sex-worker Steve was too much fun to resist.

What is my most popular story?
By kudos, it’s How It Adds Up, the Bucky-remembers-he-used-to-be-a-prostitute story, followed by Where Answers Are Kept, the Stucky breathplay one. By hits, it’s Acceptable Loss, followed by Where Answers Are Kept. Makes sense that a multi-chapter story published in installments would have more hits than kudos.

Did I take any writing risks this year? What did I learn from them?
I wrote three stories in quick succession for the Stucky D/s exchange, all on a pretty tight deadline: Rescue Dive, No Knot Unties Itself, and Where Answers Are Kept. Since the themes involved were similar, I tried out some different styles, which I think was a good way for me to stretch from my default style. Also, since I was working on a deadline, I had to make sure things didn’t spiral out of control, which was a good exercise in keeping the scope narrow.

Do I have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
I have two small projects that have been languishing in my notebook for months and months that I’d like to see completed. Another goal: more Sam Wilson.

From my past year of writing, what was…
Best Story:
Probably the most technically “good” one is Where Answers Are Kept, which involves a kink I don’t even really enjoy (breathplay), but can see the appeal of.

Story Most Underappreciated by the Universe:
I kind of object to the premise of this question, but I’ll say Temperature Control, the one where Steve Rogers is a rentboy and Sam is a client, because there is never enough Sam in the world.

Most Fun:
We Have Come Through, the MCU/Black Jewels crossover, mostly because I loved hearing everyone else’s headcannons for the MCU characters in the Black Jewels ‘verse.

Hardest Story to Write:
The Only Animal, the one about Hydra breaking Bucky. I knew it was going to take a lot to break Bucky, and I wouldn’t have gotten through it without the support of the rest of the Hydra Trash babies.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
A Superior Man, the one where Red Skull rapes a de-serumed Steve, because it taught me a lot about how Steve will always be the same man no matter what body he’s wearing.

Favorite OC
Private Hume from Acceptable Loss. I needed to show Steve a rough time in this fic, but I didn’t want the other soldiers to really be villains. Hume was there to be a decent human being in Steve’s hour of need. And I’d like to think he’s much nicer to Pro-boys and -girls from here on out after he’s talked to Steve.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
The Only Animal. I mean, I wrote a secret happy follow-up ficlet to share with a few people because I felt so bad about the way it ended.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to:
Sam/Riley don’t-you-ever-scare-me-like-that-again sex.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:
Apparently this year’s theme is dealing with loss of autonomy. I wrote a lot of non-con (par for the course), but also a fair amount of fic where there’s power imbalance or other loss of control (like 4F!Steve, or Mycroft in heat, or Bucky dealing with Winter Soldier regression). Even the fic I’m writing right now (*cough*bodyswap*cough*) is about not having control over one’s body. So. I’ll have to say that The Only Animal, since it’s about completely breaking Bucky down as a person, fits the theme best.

Other questions in the meme that I didn’t answer because I only wrote 12 stories: Biggest Disappointment, Biggest Surprise, Most Sexy, Story that made me cry, Story with the sweetest moment, Story with the single sexiest moment, Most Unintentionally Telling Story. Mix and match as you desire!

Tell me about your 2015 year in fandom! Any goals for 2016?
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